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Beacon Behavioral Partners puts YOU and YOUR PATIENTS first.

Our proven behavioral health model enables psychiatric practitioners to strengthen the relationship between practitioner and patient by eliminating the stressors of private practice ownership. We provide partners with long-term support, planning, and security to ensure doctor-driven and patient-centric growth.

Join our network of credible,​ like-minded behavioral​ health practitioners focused on improving patient care.


“Beacon has been a pleasure to work with. We share the same vision of quality patient care and taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge treatments. I feel like Beacon creates a great work environment with the ability to grow. I feel like being a part of a team makes growth much more achievable as well as fun and exciting.”

“I have been the owner of a private practice for over 10 years and have three doctors working in my clinic. After years of patient care and managing the practice at the same time, I decided to join beacon. The transition was very smooth and we did not have any turnover and staff or providers. They took over all the management part and let me focus on patient care and growth. It was the best decision I made, and I wish I had known them years ago.”

“Over the past 4 years, I met with 10 different companies interested in purchasing my practice. None were the right fit. Either I didn’t think I would enjoy working with them, offers changed, there were financial backing concerns, no stock options, too much stock or they wanted to control the way I practice medicine. I had decided to put my practice partner search on hold until I met Beacon behavioral partners. I found them to be honest, experienced, well-financed and fun to work with. I continue my practice as I always have but am now worry-free. Working with Beacon has been a positive and seamless transition for myself, staff, and patients.


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With our extensive 25 years of experience, an inclusive culture, and a well-established partnership structure, we are well-prepared to support the continued success of your practice. Obtain a deeper understanding of your needs and explore how our collaboration can actively contribute to achieving your goals.

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